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Structures printed using the peptide-based 3D-printing ink developed by Rice’s Hartgerink lab. A dime is included for scale. Credit: Hartgerink lab/Rice University

Peptide 3D-printing inks could advance regenerative medicine

How do you build complex structures for housing cells using a material as soft as Jell-O? Rice University scientists have...

Rady Children’s Develops Industry-First 3D Model DICOM Conversion Software

Rady Children’s Hospital–San Diego, a national leader in pediatric health care, today announced the availability of Media2DICOM, its cutting-edge Digital...
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3D Printing of Scaffolds for Tissue Regeneration Applications

The current need for organ and tissue replacement, repair, and regeneration for patients is continually growing such that supply is...

Yissum Announces New Platform for 3D Printing of Personalized Medicine

Yissum, the Technology Transfer Company of The Hebrew University announced a novel technology for the 3D printing of drug capsules....