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The Role Of Additive Manufacturing In Space Exploration

The Role Of Additive Manufacturing In Space Exploration

Space Exploration has always been a domain of keen interest for humanity, and constantly new technologies are developing to make...
(Credits: Made in Space)

In-space additive manufacturing startup Made In Space acquired by Redwire

One of the new space companies that has done the most for popularizing the idea of in-space manufacturing, including use...

NASA awards $73.7 million contract to Made In Space for demonstrating 3D printing in a Low Earth Orbit

Californian off-world manufacturer Made In Space has been awarded with a $73.7 million contract from NASA to demonstrate 3D printing...

Made In Space announces significant milestone in development of Archinaut program

Made In Space, the company responsible for sending the first 3D printer into space, has announced a significant milestone in the...