XYZPrinting showcases new colour 3D printer and materials at CES 2019



With CES 2019 kicked off on 8 January 2019, we’re expecting a ton of news and product launches in the consumer electronics sector, some of which will inevitably overlap with the additive manufacturing industry. In fact, we’ve already gotten wind of a few 3D printing-related launches taking place at the Las Vegas event.

XYZPrinting CES 2019

Johnson & Johnson, for instance, announced it would be presenting its new 3D printed Neutrogena MaskiD facemask, which aims to revolutionize personalized skincare. Taiwan-based 3D printer manufacturer XYZPrinting also announced it would be presenting a range of new 3D printing products at CES 2019, including its da Vinci Color Mini 3D printer for low cost, full-colour 3D printing, as well as a number of new materials.

It’s a go(go)

XYZPrinting first launched the da Vinci Color Mini in August 2018 as part of an Indiegogo campaign. The crowdfunder, which raised 129% of its stated goal, marked a success for XYZPrinting and has led the company to present the new 3D printer at CES 2019.

XYZPrinting CES 2019
Antibacterial PLA

“Our investment in full-color 3D printing technology has opened the door to the next level of 3D printing innovation,” commented Simon Shen CEO of XYZPrinting. “By providing an affordable and compact full-color printer, we are very pleased to be bringing color 3D printing technology within reach for small businesses, schools, designers, makers and general consumers. We will continue to provide innovative, high-quality 3D printers while making it affordable for everyone to utilize this technology and incorporate it into their daily lives.”

The compact machine (weighing just 53 lbs) is based on the company’s 3DColorJet technology, which combines inkjet printing and FDM techniques to achieve full-colour printing at an accessible cost. Via Indiegogo, early backers were given access to the printer for as little as $999.95; the 3D printer will reportedly retail for $1,600.

The new 3D printer will become commercially available by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

Materials and more

In addition to showcasing its latest 3D printer model, XYZPrinting will also be presenting new 3D printing materials, including Carbon Fiber PLA, Metallic PLA and Antibacterial PLA. The latter integrates silver ions to reduce bacterial growth in the material by at least 99%. The antibacterial properties of the new PLA filament make it suitable for a broad range of uses, at home, in school or in the office.

XYZPrinting CES 2019
Hardened steel nozzle upgrade

Antibacterial PLA is available in spools of 600 g for $25.95 and is compatible with XYZPrinting’s da Vinci nano series as well as the da Vinci Jr. and Jr. Pro series, the Color series and the da Vinci Super.

To enable the use of its hardier filaments, such as Carbon Fiber PLA and Metallic PLA, the Taiwan-based company is also introducing a Hardened Steel nozzle upgrade for its 3D printers, which is more resistant to wear and abrasion. This product is priced at $79.95 for the da Vinci Jr. Pro series and $119.95 for the da Vinci Color series.

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