REGEMAT3D raises €515,402 in second round of equity crowdfunding



REGEMAT3D, based in Granada, Spain has completed its second round of equity crowdfunding. Thanks to the participation of more than 500 investors, a total of €515,402 has been raised, which will be used to continue the development of the tissue and organ bioprinting technologies that the company has been marketing since 2015.

To solve the all-too-common issue of ill-health, and the resulting shortened lifespan, a large number of researchers around the world work to find solutions to diseases, through the development of technologies and treatments. Among these, is biofabrication, with 3D bioprinting technologies being some of the most promising. These technologies aim to manufacture tissues and organs in laboratories in order to shorten donor waiting times and enable the regeneration of lesions.

REGEMAT3D is one of the main players in this space. The company manufactures tissue and organ biofabrication systems (bioprinters and bioreactors) that researchers use to try to find solutions to tissue damage in tissues such as cartilage, bone, spinal cord, and muscle, among others. The company currently has a presence in 29 countries.

REGEMAT3D believes that, in the near future, bioprinting-based solutions will be applied in the clinic, and that it is, therefore, necessary to increase the resources to cater to this.

With the achievement of this crowdfunding round, REGEMAT3D will continue with the development of new systems which will involve technological solutions to improve the quality of life for patients. Presently, the company markets two different bioprinting systems and one bioreactor to produce cartilage, in the lab, that could be implanted in patients.

The company has also launched the Lab Methods platform, as the bioprinting equivalent of Thingiverse, where researchers from all over the world will share their methods of biomanufacturing tissues in a way that accelerates the development of solutions in the area. “It is like a recipe website where researchers find descriptions of how to make a specific tissue, and they can access to buy all the necessary ingredients easily and quickly. If you want to do something and part of the work is already done, why waste time with this? I go to a recipe and focus my efforts on another facet of the research, so together we get to have the results beforehand,” said José Manuel Baena, Founder of REGEMAT3D.

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