COBOD announces fastest 3D construction printers.

Re-print of the BOD building 2


COBOD International has already made several headlines this year with their new second generation printer, the BOD2, and is now releasing a new video of this highly successful 3D construction printer.  BOD2 is not only the fastest 3D construction printer in the world, but also the only second generation 3DCP printer available and on top it, it is made by modules allowing customers to pick the precise size that match their need.

Following a series of deliveries of printers in 2019 to various customers in Asia, The Middle East and Europe, COBOD is releasing a new video of the BOD2 and all of the features of this extraordinary second generation printer. The delivered printers includes the so far biggest printer in the world measuring 27 meters in the length, 12 meters in the width and 10 meters in the height, capable of printing buildings up to 900 m2.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO of COBOD, explained: “We are excited to have completed the manufacturing and supply of the 5 printers this year. No other company comes close to delivering this many printers in 2019 and no other company has delivered printers as big as we have. As we also with the BOD2 won both EU tenders, that so far have been made for 3D construction printers, our track record speaks for itself and documents that our BOD2 is second to none”.

The reason for the success of the BOD2 printer is among other caused by a possible printing speed of up to 100 cm per second. So far the concrete pumping equipment together with concrete materials limitations have hindered the full utilization of this extraordinary speed. However, after a modest start in the beginning of the year, where COBOD and their customers could print with 20 cm/second, COBOD is reporting that lately speeds of 40 cm/second have been achieved.

Michael Holm, Head of R&D at COBOD, explains: “The speed of the movement of the printer is no longer the limiting factor for achieving high speeds and related fast completion of the printing of the building walls. By working with the materials and mixer-pump suppliers we have managed to increase the speed of printing gradually during the year. We are now printing with a speed, which has doubled compared to the start of the year and we are still making improvements. With better mixer-pumps and better pump-able materials, we expect to reach speeds of 50 and 60 cm/second within the coming months, and our BOD2 can easily accommodate this and even higher speeds.”

During the year using the BOD2, COBOD also re-printed a copy of the original BOD building made in 2017, which was Europe’s first 3D printed building living up to all regulations and buildings norms. The first time COBOD 3D printed the walls of the BOD building it took 2 month, the second time in 2019 using the BOD2, COBOD spend only 3 days on the printing and released a timelapse video with a timer to document it. 

Jakob Jørgensen, Head of Technology at COBOD, explained: “When we printed the original BOD building two years ago, we spend 2 month finalizing the 3D printing. Here in 2019  it only took 3 days, or 28,5 hours to be precise. The re-print of The BOD is truly a milestone in the development of the 3D construction printing technology, and documents a remarkable 20 times improvement in the productivity in just two years. The much faster print time in 2019  reflects the amazing speed of the BOD2 and the other improvements of our technology implemented in our second generation printer. As fast printing is directly correlated with faster completion time and less use of labor man- hours and thereby lower cost of making the walls, I have no doubts that the fast speed is a primary reason for the success of the BOD2 together with the sturdy and high quality parts, the CE certification and modular structure”. 

World’s biggest 3D construction printer, a BOD2 model 5-11-4 delivered to the Middle East in 2019.

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