Design Reality installs HP MultiJet Fusion 4200 3D printer

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Design Reality, a North Wales-based industrial design company, has installed an HP MultiJet Fusion 4200 platform to enhance its in-house capabilities and reduce outsourcing.

The machine was installed back in October 2018, and has enabled Design Reality to move through design, prototyping and production of parts on one machine. Design Reality has said it has attracted a number of new customers since the installation, now being able to support its customers through the entire lifecycle of parts. The ability to do this has brought more business in-house, meaning control over its processes is heightened, and turnover is increased.

Design Reality primarily uses HP’s Nylon 12 material with much of its output being robust and practical applications, like construction hats and prosthetic limbs. The company is accessing materials via HP’s pay-per-use subscription model. Usage is monitored on a digital dashboard, allowing Design Reality to keep tabs on the volume of material being used per print job and the associated costs. A guaranteed price per successful build means Design Reality can quote jobs with more consistency on price and margin.

“Our ambition is to make lives healthier and safer with the products that we design. We want to leverage any advantage we can to improve product development quality, performance and speed of delivery,” commented Graham Wilson, Owner and Design Director at Design Reality. “The technology offered in the HP Multi Jet Fusion 4200 enables reliable prototyping and additive manufacturing, providing quality products into the hands of our clients, faster and at a lower cost. Our clients no longer have to wait for conventional tooling and manufacturing processes, and the investment that is associated with it.”

Source: tctmagazine

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