Copper3D joins Ultimaker Material Alliance Program



The Chilean-American company Copper3D Inc., specialized in the development of antimicrobial materials for 3D printing, has just joined the Ultimaker Material Alliance Program of the leading 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker.

Copper3D is a company that has been much talked about in recent months for its rapid progress in the segment of “active materials” with its interesting value proposition of “antimicrobial nanocomposites” with a very impressive performance in elimination of more than 99,99% of bacteria and other microorganisms very dangerous in clinical settings.

In addition, this company has already won two research funds from NASA Nebraska Space Grant, which also ensures that this concept of active-antimicrobial materials is one of the current research priorities of such important agencies worldwide as NASA.

Regarding this new alliance, Daniel Martinez, Director of Innovation and CMO of Copper3D mentions:

“For Copper3D it is an honor to be working together with a company as important as Ultimaker which we consider to be the world leader in 3D printers of FFF technology with a strong orientation towards biomedical solutions.

We believe that this alliance will open a very interesting market niche in the industry, that of the “Antimicrobial Medical Solutions” and “Active Medical Devices”, terrain that for now is unexplored but that in the short term can give way to very interesting applications and devices in fields like Healthcare, Animal Care, Aerospacial, Food Packing and even Humanitarian Aid campaigns, with features like antimicrobial, personalized, manufactured on demand, in situ and with a cost-effective approach. We believe that it will be a huge revolution in the industry and will positively impact the quality of life of many people and patients around the world”.

Paul Heiden, SVP Product Management at Ultimaker comments on this alliance:

“The Ultimaker Material Alliance Program has been initiated to unlock new 3D printing applications. The new material, PLACTIVE TM, enables professionals to create applications with antimicrobial properties. This is a great addition for our rapidly-growing group of Ultimaker Cura users, which includes a great deal of professionals that work with prosthetics, orthotics, and surgical equipment. This material enables them to make optimal use of FFF 3D printing to create objects that can have a positive impact on people’s health.”

The Ultimaker Cura platform allows users to have optimized, expert-tested profiles for 3D printers and materials to start printing reliably in no time, with industry-standard software integration for maximum process efficiency.

PLACTIVE TM is a high-quality PLA filament with a scientifically validated antimicrobial nano-copper additive, material registered by the FDA and compliance with EU normative.

The manufacturing and the high-quality of these filaments are guaranteed by MCPP Netherlands, part of the Mitsubishi Chemical group.

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