Conflux Technology’s first product: a scalable, configurable, ultra-high performing water charge air cooler.



Conflux Technology releases its first product -as part of their ongoing productisation strategy – an ultra-high performing additive manufactured Water Charge Air Cooler (WCAC).  

Conflux Technology has used their rich and extensive knowledge in additive manufactured (AM) heat exchangers to deliver a premium WCAC product that rivals and out-performs other leading WCACs, applicable to motorsport and high-end automotive markets. 

As additive manufacturing (AM) technology advances, the industry leaders are recognizing the complementary power of digital inventory and mass customisation. The Conflux WCAC is configured to specific customer requirements, and has been launched with performance, competitive pricing and rapid delivery top of mind.  

“The Conflux WCAC embodies how we deliver what motorsport and elite auto makers ask for – a definitive performance advantage. A product is rapidly configured to our customer’s prioritisation of performance, size, and packaging requirements. AM lets us supply the WCAC with low lead time and competitively priced.” says Dan Woodford, Conflux’s new Chief Product Officer. 

Designed to Deliver  

This technologically advanced product has already made an impact in European motorsport circles as the superior WCAC; consistently eliciting demonstrable enthusiasm from leaders in the field over it’s fine features, incredible geometry and highly competitive pricing.  


15% smaller core volume
24% reduction in air-side pressure drop
82% reduction in coolant pressure drop
39% reduction in wet weight
31% reduction in dry weight 

* When benchmarked against leading microtube WCAC these results were achieved for the same level of heat exchange 

“Customers were commenting on both the detail of the parts, and the surface finish.  They couldn’t believe the level of detail within the WCAC and how it was designed. It solidified their understanding that Conflux is a long way ahead of our competitors with what we showcased. Customers responded with amazement and disbelief as they held a part designed by our engineers embedding complex AM geometries into a production ready WCAC.” says Ben Batagol, Conflux’s Head of Business Development, after his recent European showcase to automobile manufacturers. 

Design freedoms & Technical Specifications

Conflux WCACs allow for many design freedoms and can be configured for custom boundary conditions. Explore these adaptive configurations in our Conflux WCAC brochure 

Launching Conflux Products
Conflux Products deliver industry leading performance; are scalable and configurable to unique boundary conditions, performance and packaging requirements. 

“I am really excited about the product roadmap for Conflux Technology’s AM heat exchangers. The team have made significant strides developing in-house tools that deliver very high performance without compromising quality. I am really proud of everyone at Conflux for launching the next phase of our business with the WCAC product line.”  says Dan Woodford, Conflux’s new Chief Product Officer. 

“Conflux has aggregated our expertise in first principles calculations, core engineering design and additive manufacturing into a set of tools that can rapidly inform a solution.”  

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