AMTC 2022 - 11-12 Oct Munich

AMTC 2022

The 5th annual Advanced Manufacturing Technology Conference (AMTC) will take place on October 11-12, 2022 at the Technical University (TU) in Munich.

With the theme of “Connecting Opportunities – Driving the AM Ecosystem”, the AMTC program and its world-leading speakers will focus on how the development of additive manufacturing can be advanced across the three global regions of America, Europe and Asia. Alternative perspectives among the three major industrial regions are guaranteed to be particularly insightful.

Day 1 of the conference is dedicated to highlighting the work of AM start-ups, a vital entrepreneurial group. On day 2, the focus will be on case studies demonstrating how AM industry projects have been successfully implemented internationally, and give attendees the opportunity to take away inside knowledge and learned experiences.

Topics covered:

  • Additive manufacturing viewpoints on industrialisation, applications and business models
  • Industrialisation of additive manufacturing
  • Accelerating the industrialisation of additive manufacturing: a reality check
  • Momentum for growth – a post-crisis view on opportunities and challenges