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NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars, which the new projects might help astronauts travel to in future (Image: NASA-JPL-Caltech-MSSSS)

Welsh university to develop space nuclear propulsion system using AM

Bangor University in Wales will develop a nuclear thermal fuel system to support deep space exploration with funding provided by...
Framatome's 3D-printed Atrium 11 upper tie plate grid (Image: Framatome)

3D-printed fuel component installed at Swedish reactor

Framatome has completed the installation of the first 3D-printed, stainless steel fuel component at Vattenfall's Forsmark nuclear power plant in...
[Courtesy of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute]

KAERI Researcher use 3D printing to create low cost fuel cell separator plates

A research team at South Korea's state nuclear energy research body has developed a 3D printing technology that can drastically...
Nuclear Reactor Components 3D Printed by ORNL Installed at TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant

Nuclear Reactor Components 3D Printed by ORNL

Four first-of-a-kind 3D Printed fuel assembly brackets, produced at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at Oak Ridge National...

3D Printing Has Entered The Nuclear Realm

3D printing has been making parts for nuclear plants for a few years now. In 2017, Siemens achieved the industry...