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Week 30 (8)

Additive Manufacturing Industry News | Week 36 | 2023

The round-up of last week's additive manufacturing news includes opening of 2024 AMUG conference registration; Al Seer Marine announced a collaboration...
ZEISS Head of Additive Manufacturing Technology Claus Hermannstädter, left, and ORNL Interim Associate Laboratory Director for Energy Science and Technology Rick Raines sign a licensing agreement that allows ORNL’s machine-learning algorithm, Simurgh, to be used for rapid evaluations of 3D-printed components with industrial X-ray computed tomography, or CT. Using machine learning in CT scanning is expected to reduce the time and cost of inspections of 3D-printed parts by more than ten times while improving quality.

ZEISS , ORNL sign licensing agreement for inspection of 3D-printed parts

A licensing agreement between the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and research partner ZEISS will enable industrial X-ray...
Weekly News (20)

Additive Manufacturing Industry News | Week 50 | 2022

Bringing you up to speed with the week that went by in the world of Additive Manufacturing with the AM...
The OpeN-AM experimental platform, installed at the VULCAN instrument, features a robotic arm that prints layers of molten metal to create complex shapes. Studying the 3D-printed welds microscopically with beams of neutrons allows researchers to better understand factors such as stress caused by heating and cooling. The experiments will help to optimize the fabrication technique for more mainstream use.

VULCAN forges new science for the future of 3D-printed metal

From carbon fiber to concrete and bamboo, additive manufacturing—the industrial term for 3D-printing—utilizes many different materials and techniques. And now,...

Department of Energy Awards $3 Million to polySpectra and Fortify to Advance 3D Printed Tooling

Fortify, a provider of 3D printers for advanced photopolymer composites, and polySpectra, a supplier of highly durable photopolymer resins, announced...