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Understanding the 3D-Printed Footwear revolution

Understanding the 3D-Printed Footwear revolution

The world of footwear is changing rapidly, and 3D printing has been identified as a key technology that will play...
ELASTIUM 3d printed sneakers

ELASTIUM launches first fully 3D Printed Sneakers

The company aims to disrupt the $500 billion footwear industry by producing fully 3D printed footwear from 100% recyclable foams....
Hilos CEO and co-founder Elias Stahl. (Hilos Photo)

3D-printed shoe startup Hilos steps into $3M to help reduce carbon footprints, localize manufacturing

Portland-based 3D-printed footwear startup Hilos has landed $3 million to boost its efforts in reducing the carbon footprint linked to shoe production....