Zortrax introduces Endureal, its 3rd generation industrial 3D printer



Zortrax, the world-renowned developer of 3D printing solutions, is entering a new segment. Its latest device, the Zortrax Endureal, will be launched at the TCT Show 2019 in Birmingham.  This 3rd generation 3D printer is designed for industry and production lines. The Endureal has a large working field, dual-extrusion technology, an enclosed heated printing chamber and features that control the print quality and security. This starts a new chapter in the history of the company, so far associated with desktop solutions.

The new device combines high efficiency, print security and features of the 3rd generation industrial printers with a large working field. Designed for advanced engineering and medical applications, it heralds a future of effortlessly-operated manufacturing lines. With an efficient volume of 36 liters, the device measures 40x40x30 cm. Working using LPD Plus technology,
it can print in dual and single extrusion mode. The Endureal’s build plate is made of ferritic stainless steel covered with PEI film, so that all supported filaments adhere properly and models are easy to remove, even large and uniquely shaped ones. In high-volume production, this feature is crucial.

The new printer provides advanced thermal management. In the Zortrax Endureal LPD Plus 3D printer, filament temperature is tightly controlled at each stage to achieve the utmost precision and the best possible mechanical properties of 3D printed parts. Filaments are stored in a closed temperature – and humidity-controlled compartment. The user sets the temperature in the heated printing chamber. With its high-temperature hotend, the advanced extruder is ready to support high-performance polymers. The thermally-shielded extruder compartment is always kept at the right temperature, avoiding interruptions in filament transmission.

The filaments supported by the printer include PEEK, which allows users to harness its full potential. PEEK’s unique properties include high wear resistance, excellent thermal properties, proven biocompatibility, a great strength-to-weight ratio and high radiation resistance. These features are indispensable in sectors such as medicine, aerospace, automotive and mechanical engineering – wherever the highest print standards are key.

Perfect printing is only possible with the highest print security. The Zortrax Endureal has 17 built-in sensors, which work in real time to guarantee seamless operation in high-tech manufacturing and product development projects. Printing can be monitored remotely using a camera installed in the printing chamber. Designed to work at high temperatures,
the camera can stream live video. If a power outage is detected, the Blackout Response System uses energy stored in built-in capacitors to save the exact position of the printing head.
Once the power is back on, printing can resume from the same spot. Separate sensors are constantly working to detect problems, such as a jammed or depleted filament. The printer also monitors filament spools’ weight to check whether there is enough material to complete the model. The temperature and humidity in the filament compartment is measured and controlled at all times, crucial during long 3D printing projects with highly hydrophilic materials like nylon, which absorbs ambient moisture. 

The Endureal is as user-friendly as Zortrax’s desktop-class 3D devices. With its intuitive user interface and software prepared for each dedicated filament, the Endureal is ready to operate at full capacity from day one. Like all Zortrax’s latest devices, it has Wi-Fi and Ethernet. The Zortrax Endureal, the company’s third-generation industrial 3D printer, will be available from early 2020.

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