Stratasys shapes what’s Next in 3D Printing at the India User Forum 2017



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Bengaluru|December 13, 2017 – Over 300 experts and customers from across the regions shared thought-provoking insights on Additive Manufacturing Roadmap and Indian industry speakers from prominent organizations shared their experiences on driving innovation with 3D Printing. Dignitaries present at the forum also showcased a wide array of 3D printing solutions across verticals.

3D printingtechnology has made rapid strides in India especially in the last couple ofyears. Infact, according to Netscribes research, the global 3D healthcareprinting market is expected to be worth USD 1.3 billion by 2020. 3D printingtechnology is predominantly being used in the field of aerospace, automotive,education, healthcare and many other industries. Commenting on this, Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director – India, Stratasyssaid, “There is a vast market opportunity in product prototyping whichis not being addressed by the current 3D-printing systems and our annual UserConference provides an excellent platform for industry leaders to exchangeknowledge and discuss about the ever-changing dynamics of the industry. Everysingle industry will be revolutionized by 3D printing and we see the use of 3Dprinting only evolving in the future.”

Stratasys unveilsthe Voxel Print software solution at the forum that provides true voxel levelcontrol during the design and 3D printing process to manipulate 3D printedmaterial concentrations, structures and color mapping of a model. Saurabh Singh, Studio Head (DGM) DesignStudio, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. speaking at the Stratasys Conference said,“Being Fast, Flexible and First to meet unique customer requirements is in thecore values of Maruti Suzuki. Our association with Stratasys has been strongand their prototyping solutions have contributed in design development stagesof our wide spectrum of products. We continuously strive for technologies thathelp us in faster design visualization. I congratulate Stratasys on this UserForum. It’s a great platform where industry experts shared new developments andusage scenarios.”

Having been at theforefront of the global 3D printing market, the company aims at demystifyingthe technology and making it accessible to local manufacturers, so that theyrealize what the 3D printed product would look like and understand in what waythe technology can benefit them. Stratasys remains committed to offeringtargeted solutions and expertise to customers from various industries such asautomotive, aerospace, consumer goods, education, medical, defense, etc.


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