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Under the slogan “Digitalization in Machine Tool Manufacturing – Thinking further!”, Siemens is presenting numerous extensions to its Digital Enterprise portfolio for the machine tool industry in around 1700 square meters at EMO in Hanover in Hall 9, Booth H50. The company has already integrated future technologies in its portfolio, such as its new machine tool controller specifically designed for digitalization, Edge and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, and is leading the machine tool world to the next level of digital transformation. “With our unique range of digitalization solutions, we are paving the way for the future of the machine tool industry and helping our customers, machine builders and machine users, to find new and more comprehensive ways of using rapidly growing data volumes to increase their productivity, quality and competitive edge”, explains Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of Business Unit Motion Control. The basis for innovative technologies is the availability and transparency of data which can be used to create digital twins – of the product, production and performance – and which map and link together all the steps of industrial manufacturing processes in a virtual environment. “The key is to use this data innovatively and to convert it into valuable knowledge in order to improve performance and flexibility and reduce the time to market”, Heuring continues.

Sinumerik ONE: The digital native CNC for machine tools
By presenting the new CNC generation Sinumerik ONE at EMO, Siemens is introducing the core element that is essential for the digital transformation of machine tools. As a digital native, the new controller works with the Create MyVirtualMachine software to create the machine controller and associated digital twin from one engineering system and contributes to the seamless integration of hardware and software. “Sinumerik ONE is the core element for the global transformation of the machine tool industry and for future-proof manufacturing in an increasingly digitalized industry. With its seamless interaction between the virtual and real portfolio, Sinumerik ONE enables machine builders and machine users to reduce time to market significantly and to increase machine performance”, explains Uwe Ruttkamp, Head of Machine Tool Systems in Business Unit Motion Control.

Sinumerik ONE features powerful hardware and software to create a digital twin. This enables machine manufacturers to create a complete virtualization of their development and machine processes. This can be used to accelerate processes significantly and therefore reduce time to market considerably, while maintaining a high standard of quality. Machine users in turn benefit from considerably faster commissioning times as a result of using the digital twin. They can also set up more quickly, run in parts in the virtual environment and improve performance during production. Training can also be carried out separately from the actual machine.

Highlight Showcase: Additive Manufacturing with new Sinumerik ONE
Visitors to EMO will be able to experience the Sinumerik ONE live at our Highlight Showcases. One example on the Siemens booth is by Beam, the first machine builder to install a Sinumerik ONE in their Additive Manufacturing machine Modulo 250. Beam is a leading global manufacturer of machines for Directed Energy Deposition (DED). Compared with other Additive Manufacturing technologies, DED is particularly impressive in terms of high buildup rates, multi-material applications and targeted material depositing directly in the process zone. Visitors to EMO can see the world’s first AM machine equipped with Sinumerik ONE, and witness how the process simulation of the material order is displayed on the machine in the NX Virtual Machine software package in the usual DED NX CAM environment.

New Edge app: AnalyzeMyWorkpiece /Monitor
With AnalyzeMyWorkpiece /Monitor, Siemens is extending its software portfolio for workpiece quality. The new Edge app enables continuous monitoring of the production of workpieces in machine tools. A wide range of measured values are acquired from the machine with high frequency and without feedback, and compared continuously with a reference model. AnalyzeMyWorkpiece /Monitor can therefore be used to optimize workpiece quality even during the production process.

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