SCANLAB unveils innovative scan system called XL SCAN to process 3D-shaped large workpieces



SCANLAB GmbH, a provider of galvo-based scan solutions based in Puchheim near Munich, Germany, presented its new XL SCAN system at last week’s LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 trade show in Munich. The innovation with this system lies in the design of its z axis. It combines a 2D scan head with an XY positioning stage and adds an ultra-dynamic z-shifter that enables highly precise surface processing of 3D-shaped workpieces “in nearly any size”.

The XL SCAN was developed to solve problems in the processing of large workpieces. Due to the limited image field size of scanners, larger parts are often processed in multiple steps by individual surface sections. This can result in a time-consuming process and lead to stitching errors when combining the individual scanned surfaces.

The scan solution developed by SCANLAB in collaboration with ACS Motion Control synchronizes one or multiple excelliSCAN scan heads and one or two mechanical XY stages, each with two servo axes. In this way, large workpieces can be processed with maximum accuracy.

At the Munich trade show, SCANLAB presented an XL SCAN with an integrated excelliSHIFT z axis for the first time. Because this galvo-based z axis works completely without transmissive elements, it keeps up with the scan head’s fast dynamic performance and flexibly guides the laser spot. This allows users to precisely process even 3D-shaped large-area workpieces. The user simply inputs the desired three-dimensional contour and can even simulate processing beforehand. Possible applications include the processing of windshields and surface structuring of mould tools. According to SCANLAB, initial test systems with integrated z axes will be deliverable starting in 2020.

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