RIZE announces partnership deal with Instadesign Group

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RIZE, a Boston, USA-based, color 3D printer manufacturer, reported that SOLIDWORKS Certified Solution Partner, Instadesign Group, has become a RIZE Authorized Reseller. With this announcement, RIZE introduces its award-winning full color-capable additive manufacturing solutions to the Quebec, Canada market.

Headquartered in Laval, Quebec, Instadesign is a highly specialized product development company with deep expertise in engineering and industrial design. They are dedicated to providing customers across a wide range of sectors with collaborative and comprehensive services that will bring innovative new and enhanced products to market. In addition to product development services, Instadesign offers industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronic development and software services. Companies also rely on Instadesign for outsourcing support services for mechanical development and other services.

“RIZE has done something completely unique in the additive manufacturing industry that accelerates sustainable design and innovation,” said Stéphane Dufour, President of Instadesign.“With their voxel-level technology, RIZE has made industrial 3D printing safe and easy, while enabling full digital traceability of 3D printed parts to the original designs. The seamless integration of SOLIDWORKS and RIZE is also of great interest to our customers and will expand the use of additive manufacturing among SOLIDWORKS users in our region.“

“We are thrilled to partner with Instadesign,” said Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of RIZE.“As a member of the innovative SOLIDWORKS ecosystem and with a rich heritage in product design and development, Instadesign is ideally positioned to bring the unique benefits of RIZE’s hybrid Augmented Deposition additive manufacturing technology to customers in the Quebec market.”

RIZE’s unique patented Augmented Deposition technology, combining material extrusion and material jetting, is an industry breakthrough. With this hybrid technology, RIZE delivers industrial-strength parts with zero labor applied to post processing, complete authentication and trust by printing text, images and QR codes. RIZE also delivers materials that are safe and recyclable. RIZE ONE, the first product based on this technology, released in 2017, is now in operation at numerous customer sites across the world and XRIZE, released at Formnext 2018, is the world’s first Desktop Additive Manufacturing platform that builds functional carbon fiber and full-color parts.

Source: 3dprintingmedia.network

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