GH Induction introduces new website for 3D printed copper coils



GH Induction is offering 3D printed copper coils a standard service through its 3Dinductors website.


The group is presenting its exclusive and pioneering technological approach to 3D printing coils and inductors made of pure copper.  The technology is based on Electron Beam Melting (EBM), which GH considers to be the only AM method today that works with pure copper rather than alloys. Coil additive manufacturing represents a significant breakthrough in the history of industrial induction heating technology, something that that is already being deployed in automotive and industrial companies and presenting very significant benefits.

Inductors are a critical part in induction heat treatments. They must be replaced due to deterioration from time to time, interrupting production and requiring several man-hours for recalibration. Services, products and tooling are available to control the induction process, from the development of the heating process up to parameter monitoring to guarantee ideal results. GH’s offering is compatible with any induction manufacturer as EFD, Inductoheat, Ajax Tocco, Saet, SMS Elotherm, etc.

With GH’s 3D inductors, the service life of the inductors can be increased significantly (GH reports up to 4 times longer in some cases). The 3D printed coil spares are geometrically identical, and the designs are optimized for best performance. This means reduced production costs per part and an improvement in treatment that cannot be achieved with any other currently available technology.


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