FELIXprinters launches two new large-format 3D printers for industrial applications



Dutch 3D printer manufacturer FELIXprinters has introduced two new large-format 3D printers for industrial applications: the FELIX Pro L and Pro XL. The announcement further reinforces the company’s commitment to meeting the FDM-related demands of the industrial 3D printing market.

If you’ve feel like you’ve been hearing a lot about FELIXprinters in 2019, you’re right. Just last month, the IJsselstein-based company announced the release of the Pro 3, a desktop 3D printer with added automation and intelligence features targeted squarely at the professional market. The new Pro L and Pro XL add to the company’s professional 3D printer portfolio—in a big way.

The Pro L integrates a relatively roomy build envelope with a maximum capacity of 300 x 400 x 400 mm. The Pro XL, for its part, has an even larger build volume of up to 600 x 400 x 600 mm. Despite their large build capacities, both 3D printers have been designed with office use and portability in mind; both have overall dimensions that will fit through a standard office door (900 mm).

Both 3D printers integrate a range of features, including temperature controlled print chambers with enclosed warm and cold zones. The warm zone, the company explains, ensure a stable print temperature during the build to reduce risks of shrinking or warpage. The cool zone houses the printer’s electronics, making sure that they don’t overheat and cause problems.

FELIXprinters Pro L Pro XL

The printers also integrate dual extrusion printing and a special mechanism that ensures the print heads operate symbiotically. That is, when the dual nozzles are printing they remain at different print levels, eliminating any risk of collision and reducing the chances of print failure. Further, if only one nozzle is in use, the other will automatically rotate away from the print, so that there is no interference.

Other features, such as an intuitive 18 cm touchscreen module with integrated print-server, are similar to those in the Pro 3 3D printer model. This particular feature, consisting of a “small but powerful” octacore computer, enables users to remotely monitor their prints via webcam, manage print files, render G-codes and even create a time lapse of the print. In terms of connectivity, the large-format 3D printers can be accessed by USB and/or WiFi, and can be connected in a LAN network or as a standalone machine.

“Our users have been telling us that they need options to create bigger parts, but without compromising on quality,” commented Guillaume Feliksdal, Founder and Director of FELIXprinter. “However, delivering on this is not just a case of scaling up the architecture of our Pro 3D printers.

“With the Pro L and XL, we have used all of our experience in precision engineering to develop what we believe is a great new offering to the market that ensures FELIXprinters’ commitment to robust and reliable 3D printers is manifested in these large scale systems, while making it possible for them to quickly and easily benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing, without the hassle. These bigger machines can fit seamlessly into any workshop, lab or factory environment because they can fit through a standard doorway, to make the logistics of installation quick and simple too.”

Both new 3D printer models come with a full three-year warranty (10,000 printing hours) on non-wearable parts. FELIXprinters will be showcasing its new large-format printers this March at a special open day at its facility in IJsselstein, near Amsterdam.

Source: 3dpm

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