Dior Releases its 3D-Printed Shoes

DIOR 3d printed shoes


As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close, Dior offers a up-close look at its newly unveiled 3D printed shoes. The launch, which includes a Derby and boot, has been realized under the direction of Dior Menswear artistic director Kim Jones and head men’s footwear designer, Thibo Denis.

While 3D printing in design has been the vision of the future for years, designers have continued pushing the envelope — from ICON’s 3D-printed houses in Austin to 3D-printed turbines which generate electricity without blades. This latest shoe with its textural lattice-like surface, echoes that of the Adidas futurecraft 3D running shoe launched back in 2015. This time, the full body of the shoe is transformed with an ultra-high tech and lightweight three-dimensional patterning.

© Dior / Andrea Cenetiempo
© Dior / Andrea Cenetiempo

This newest line of 3D printed shoes by Dior is a futuristic translation of the fashion house’s Carlo model. The team 3D scanned the Carlo Derby shoe and applied a digital texture to its surface. Once transformed in digital space, the new rendition emerges from a powder bed and receives final finishing touches. Unlike the originals, the new Derby is closed with a quicklace system over their glossy black leather tongue tabs. Meanwhile, the mid-calf boot is laceless. As the designers note, the new version is ‘visually solid, but ultra-lightweight when worn.’

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