CRP Technology introduces new series of Windform P-LINE materials



CRP Technology, an Italian manufacturer of AM materials, has announced the launch of its new series of Windform P-LINE materials. The new production-grade line of materials is developed specifically for voxeljet’s High Speed Sintering platform, which CRP Technology operates in house.

To mark the launch of the new series, CRP Technology has released the first material of the Windform P-LINE: Windform P1. The PA-based material offers isotropic properties along all three axes, a high degree of flexibility and full density. Windform P1 was developed to address needs in the production of small end-use components at high volumes. The material also provides a high surface resolution for printed parts.

CRP Technology also highlights the 3D printing material’s good insulation properties—with a CTI rating of 600—and its capacity to be recycled. In terms of applications, Windform P1 can be used in the automotive, electrical, consumer and household goods industries.

“P stands for Production,” said Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO of CRP Technology. “We created this new range of materials for High Speed Sintering, the new 3D printing process we integrated in house: Windform P-LINE materials combined with HSS technology, allows for the manufacturing of small 3D printed production components.

“Our aim is to constantly create technological breakthroughs. We invest in research and development as well as new technology: with Windform P-LINE, we want to provide even more tangible, turnkey solutions which can satisfy any customers’ requirements.”

CRP Technology Windform P-LINE HSS
voxeljet’s High Speed Sintering process

Developed by Germany-based voxeljet, High Speed Sintering is a a binder-jetting additive process that enables the tool-less production of prototypes and end-use parts. The process consists of selectively depositing an infrared absorbing ink onto a layer of polymer powder. After each layer, the build envelope is exposed to an infrared light, which sinters the the selected powder. This is repeated, layer by layer, until a final shape is produced.

The novel process offers rapid print rates, allowing for more cost-efficiency and productivity. The open platform is also compatible with a wide range of materials, now including Windform P1. “We have no specific agreement with voxeljet,” said a rep from CRP Technology about its new material series. “As it is an open system, we can develop our materials and this is only the first on the list.”

CRP Technology is best known for its high-performance composite 3D printing materials, which have been used for a broad range of functional applications in the automotive, motorsport and aerospace industries. The company aims above all to offer innovative materials that push the boundaries of AM production. Part of staying at the cutting edge has involved working with new technologies, such as voxeljet’s HSS process and RICOH’s AM S5500P SLS 3D printer.


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