CELLINK introduces skin and liver bioprinted tissue model kits



CELLINK, the world’s first bioink company now a global leader in bioprinter systems and bioinks, continues innovating in this segment by introducing new ways to strengthen its position in the field. The just-launched CELLINK tissue model kits focus on two of the most interesting bioprinted tissue applications for the near future: skin and liver.

The new CELLINK SKIN Kit and CELLINK LIVER Kit were developed to provide customers with tissue-specific bioinks and antibodies. The kits include antibodies from Atlas Antibodies, a collaborator with extensive experience in antibody development and production.

CELLINK tissue model kits

These kits give users valuable information about the phenotype of their tissue models. Through these insights, researchers can gain a better understanding of tissue health and help researchers develop reliable tissue models for drug screening and cosmetic testing.

These kits are commercially available now through CELLINK and partners. This launch is the first of a multiphase initiative to better serve the needs of the company’s clients and collaborators, by offering an increasingly extensive range of tools to enhance research worldwide.

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