CELLINK introduces new Lumen X biocompatible light curing bioprinter

Lumen X 3D bioprinter

Lumen X 3D bioprinter


Swedish bioprinting startup CELLINK is now launching yet another a partnership with Volumetric, a Texas-based startup. The two companies will combine their expertise to develop and launch the new Lumen X bioprinter and more technologies to come in the future.

The Lumen X leverages a biocompatible blue light based curing system and was designed to bioprint vasculature. Ti enables high resolution, high throughput and high fidelity prints, enhancing applications in microfluidics, cell-laden hydrogels, macroporous structures and more.  Lumen X can also represent a significant advantage in achieving complex branching and tapering of vessels, constructing microscopic features with speed, fidelity and precision.

Getting more into the technical details, the technology reportedly leverages over 1 million points of light to bioprint microscopic features down to 200 microns. In addition, it photographically cures entire layers at once (plant 3D printing) to crosslink structures fifty times faster than other printing methods.

Working with CELLINK on technology and market reach means that the Lumen X will be able to combine with CELLINK’s BIO X to multiply the benefits of each system’s state-of-the-art capabilities. Researchers will be able to use Lumen X to print living cells within a BIO X-fabricated structure, thus strengthening their work in applications like organ-on-a-chip and multimaterial research.

Lumen X Technical Specifications:

  • Projected image: 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Pixel resolution (XY): 50 μm
  • Z-precision (motor-driven): 5 μm
  • Max build volume: 64 x 40 x 40 mm
  • Biocompatible wavelength: 405 nm
  • Intensity range: 10 – 30 mW/cm2

Additional Features:

  • Disposable, quick-change sterile vats
  • Heated Platform: Up to 37 °C
  • Seamless, intuitive workflow
  • Capacitive touch interface
  • Compatible File Type: STL, stereolithography file

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