Carbon introduces new 3D printing solutions for dental industry



Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) company Carbon has launched a range of new 3D printing solutions for the dental market. Bolstering its recent partnership with America’s National Dentex Labs (NDX) and a growing range of dental resins, the company has launched the M2d 3D printer, new materials, and industry-specific updates for its operation software.

In addition, the Carbon M2 has a new extension, and the recently-released L1 is being offered as a “Production Solution for clear aligner models.” Brian Ganey General Manager of Carbon’s Dental Business, told 3D Printing Industry, “At Carbon we are committed to the digital future of oral health, creating end-to-end solutions that improve patient outcomes and transform lives.”


The M2d is the same as Carbon’s existing M2 model, however it has a smaller print area making it suited to installation in mid-sized dental labs. The M2d build area measures 141mm x 79mm, roughly half the size of the M2’s build which is 189mm x 118mm. In the future, Carbon will also give M2d customers the option to expand the M2d print size. The system was made available to customers on February 22, 2019.

As with the M2, the M2d is compatible with Carbon’s Smart Part Washer, which is capable of cleaning dental models. Both models now have the optional addition of a C6 Cassette too. This plug-in module is designed to improve the heat management inside M2 series 3D printers, enabling faster print speeds (up to 2x faster) especially when using dental-grade DPR 10 resin. “With improved heat management for DPR 10 builds,” states Carbon “the platform is able to rise faster and the build completes faster.”

The new dental hardware features are supported by a number of software updates, including compatibility improvements for dental CAD/CAM platforms such as 3Shape and AvaDent, auto-nesting, auto-queuing, and real-time analytics.

Carbon’s other recent CLIP 3D printer release, the L1 (Large 1), has also been repackaged as a system for high volume dental aligner model production. These models, which are suitable for thermoforming end-use aligners, can be produced in their hundreds each day. A single system, according Carbon, has the capacity for producing between 900 and 1,200 dental models over the course of 20 hours. By employing multiple L1 systems, Carbon also enables labs to scale 3D printed model production into the tens of thousands per day.

For this purpose, the company is offering detailed on-site training of the L1. Though, as stipulated by Carbon co-founder and CEO Joe DeSimone on the system’s release “For now, the L1 is available for customers on a limited basis.”

“Companies that are interested in the L1 should reach out to our sales team for more information about our validation process.”

With hardware and software releases, this most recent update from Carbon would be incomplete without the launch of some materials. Expanding its DPR range of resins, the company has announced the development of DPR 11 – a recyclable dental grade material.

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