Airwolf 3D introduces compact EVO R 3D printer for schools



California-based 3D printing company Airwolf 3D has released the latest 3D printer in its EVO series, the EVO R. Made in the United States, the new 3D printer was developed with dependability, safety and efficiency in mind and is being marketed to the engineering, design and primarily education segments.

Priced at $4,995, the EVO R is the most affordable 3D printer in the company’s EVO series (which also comprises the EVO and the large-format EVO 22). Despite its more accessible cost, the printer still integrates many of the same features as its family members, including a 7” touchscreen, a HEPA/Active Carbon filter, a 32-bit GENESIS micro-controller, linear guides and high-temperature capabilities.

Where we do see a difference is in the printer’s build size, which is roughly 305 x 222 x 229 mm (12 x 8.75 x 9 inches). The 3D printer, while still capable of producing strong parts with good mechanical properties, has a smaller footprint that makes it handy for offices, schools or design studios.

“Professionals want an affordable, multi-material, dual extrusion 3D printer they can depend on,” said Airwolf 3D Co-Founder and CEO Erick Wolf. “The EVO R is the answer, embodying nearly all the premium EVO and EVO 22 features in an affordable package made right here in California. Our vision is to have Airwolf printers in more than half the educational institutions in The United States. To meet this goal we streamlined the EVO R for domestic mass production.”

Evo R Airwolf 3D

Built for safe printing

With such a focus on the education market, Airwolf wanted to ensure that its new 3D printer model would be as safe as possible to use. To achieve this, the company has integrated both active and passive safety systems, including a On/Off switch with a dual-pole circuit breaker. The GENESIS micro-controller and touchscreen features are also configured with hot end and heated bed over-current and over-temp detection circuits as well as stepper motor over-current detection circuits.

Further, if the 3D printer is not in use or is in moments of inactivity, the touchscreen is programmed to cool down the EVO R. The heated bed, for its part, also integrates a temperature-sensitive fuse for overheat protection and the hot end heaters are capped at about 25 watts.

Education market

The EVO R is also characterized by its aluminum construction, CNC-machined hot ends, single-piece steel bed and a Teflon-plated communication cord. Airwolf also highlights a number of features built-in to the printer for ease-of-use, including auto-leveling, the intuitive control panel and integration with its Apex gCode-generation software for autonomous or connected printing.

To encourage schools to adopt its new 3D printer model, Airwolf is also offering complimentary training to educators with the purchase of the machine as well as free curriculum.


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