3DCeram unveils C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D printer, an industrial ceramic 3D printer

3DCeram unveils an industrial ceramic 3D printer - C1000 FLEXMATIC


In 3DCeram’s range of 3D printers dedicated to ceramics, the C1000 FLEXMATIC is designed to meet the industrial challenges of large-scale production. Designed to integrate the SMART Ceramic Factory, 3DCeram’s factory of the future, it has all the assets to print ceramic parts in a semi-automated line.

Thanks to their 15 years of experience and their range of printers, the C900 FLEX, C100 EASY and C3600 ULTIMATE, they were able to identify drivers for optimization to ensure automation throughout the process:

From scraping, to lasering strategies, to the quality of our ready-to-print ceramic formulations, to recycling and post processing.

The result is the C1000 FLEXMATIC printer!

Their new 3D printer is a true concentrate of experience and know-how, it is its capacity for automation and its printing surface that gives it its name: C1000 FLEXMATIC. An outstanding machine!
The C1000 FLEXMATIC is in fact the sum of the know-how of 3DCeram’s teams with the objective of simplicity of use considering the requirements for industrial production!
A technology, the stereolithography, which ensures the flexibility necessary for all printing strategies (speed, precision…)

  • A build platform that meets the need for versatility: large parts and small part runs
  • Fast printing speed
  • A removable tank that allows semi-automated post-processing of printed parts, and thus continuous production for large series
  • User-friendly, the 3D printing of parts can be started by an operator

Looking back at 3DCeram’s story and if you know a little about 3DCeram you should know that they have been working from the beginning to make 3D printing ceramic an industrial tool.
So they keep in mind this question : How to meet the demands of mass production?
In 2022 they end on the C1000 FLEXMATIC, the 3D printer designed to meet the needs of greater productivity which is built around several axes:

  • A versatile printable area – here 320*320 mm and 200 mm high
  • A focus on the printing speed – depending on the formulation they develop the mixes to meet productivity requirements – a dozen formulations is available :Si3N4, Zirconia, Alumina etc
  • 2-laser version possible for a higher productivity
  • Automation capacity – for the recycling phase of the uncured material as well as the cleaning phase of the parts and the trays
  • Parts printed on the C1000 FLEXMATIC require little or no support, which saves time.

3DCeram’s goal in developing the new C1000 FLEXMATIC 3D Printer is to deliver a high performance machine, designed to produce!

Since 2015, 3DCeram has made a shift I n its market position from being a parts manufacturer to a process provider by transferring technology.

Let’s remember that in 2019, they expanded the field of possibilities with the C3600 ULTIMATE: a 100% industrial machine that thinks big – 600*600*300 mm build platform. This machine makes it possible to print very large parts, but also very large series of small parts. All this while maintaining the major attribute of our technology, precision for fine details on the parts.

The C3600 ULTIMATE meets the commercial challenges of the German company, Alumina Systems, which can finally bring to take profit on projects that were previously consigned to the shelf due to a lack of suitable tools. To produce this part, it was necessary to combine dimensional feasibility with precision because the part presented has internal channels that cannot be produced by any other shaping tool than 3D printing.
3DCeram’s commitment to being a process supplier implies that they are able to offer high-performance printers that answer market developments. It also means supplying ceramic formulations as well as all related services (training and maintenance).

To this end, 3DCeram has developed its distribution network all over the world, but above all has increased the skills of its historical distributors by training them to install the printers at the end customers’ workshops. Thus 3DCeram has a dense and efficient network of distributors worldwide!

3DCeram’s aim is to share expertise and know-how to the customers using their machines. To this end they have developed a range of training courses to enable operators to get up to speed quickly and efficiently. They also have programs dedicated to engineers to bring them to the level of expertise that will enable them to develop on 3DCeram printers and to push their projects forward.

3DCeram accompanies all their customers towards this expertise that they have been developing for over 20 years!

For more details and to benchmark ceramic parts reach out to Shree Rapid Technologies on marketing@shreerapid.com or call on +91 90044 80457

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