STPL 3D Printing crafts 6 feet sculpture of Spiderman with additive manufacturing


India-based STPL 3D Printing, a company pioneers in rapid prototyping & additive manufacturing services, has developed a fully 3D printed 6 feet “SPIDERMAN” sculpture with extreme detail in just one week.

The fully 3D printed model of spiderman has been created for a traditional fine-arts manufacturer, as it wanted to decorate its new Entertainment store, opened in Surat, with this model.

By taking the timeline into consideration, the digital team at STPL 3D downloaded an open source file and modified it according to the client’s need, by using Digital Sculpting. The production team took full advantage of the company’s array of 15 FDM machines so that it could finish the project before the timeline.

The team divided the 6 feet*4 feet Sculpture into 30 parts and completed the entire printing within 2 days, then the post-processing team assembled the spiderman in 3 hours with plastic welding and glue to bring it in real shape that was required by the client.

Post processing is always fun and all about teamwork. The artistic and post-processing team at STPL 3D played a major role in finishing the project that had matched the client’s expectation. Now the major challenge was to hang the spiderman on the wall so structured should be good enough hold on the wall, but the client has solved that challenge efficiently with this traditional skill and vast experience in the fine arts.

Here are some key take away from the Project.

1) Production Time Reduced from 8 Weeks to 4 Days

2) Cost Reduction of up to 40 %

3) Fully Automated Manufacturing after Digital sculpting

4) Weight Reduction of up to 70%

5) Textured Surface production with no Extra effort

6) Fully automated High-quality sculpture production

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