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India based metal AM service provider, Intech DMLS Private Limited has created new parameter development software termed as AMOptoMet which they launched at Formnext 2018. It has been developed to serve as an integral part of any powder bed fusion metal laser additive manufacturing machine.

AMOptoMet allows obtaining optimum printing process parameters for different metal alloys powders. It reduces number of iterations involved during Selective Laser Melting (SLM) or Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) of various metallic alloy chemistries.

The parameter optimization software enable user to arrive at robust machine process parameters for AM parts in a much shorter cycle time.

Features include:

New Alloy Development – The software reduces the time span for development of high entropy alloys and new materials by predicting printable parameters, which can be beneficial to material manufacturers and designers. Users can tweak micro alloys to offer improved properties with the help of AMOptoMet.

Maximized Production – AMOptoMet increases printing speeds and therefore increase production, as it has the ability to optimise parameters. This technology has been pushing from prototyping to production; due to the lower print cost from increased production.

Freedom to choose any Powder Manufacturer – This software enables users to choose any powder manufacturer and also provides support to the development of new 3D printing materials for different industries like Oils & Gas, automotive, Power and other general engineering sectors.

Surface Finish – AMOptoMet offers modification of surface roughness using specific inputs pertaining to different alloys, by automatically evolving at the smoothest surface respectively. Thereby reduces the post processing cost drastically.

Speed and Quality – The software allows for variable layer thickness for enhanced productivity during building of the parts without compromising the part density.

AMOptoMet also provide features including Machine Learning and Tweaking of Alloys.

Printing Parameters at your Fingertips

The software predicts process parameters for new alloy chemistry that are close to achieving a dense (> 99.5%) test specimen/component. The software inputs the powder particle size distribution (PSD) from the measured values and gives an output of the process parameters for obtaining a nearly dense (> 99.5%) sample.

Built-in AI

The software self-adapts and learns algorithms to pre-calculate all needed process parameters for SLM technology. Thereby it reduces number of design of experiments and achieves smoother as built surface finish.

Visit Intech DMLS at Inside 3D Printing Mumbai 2018 at Booth No A4a on 19-20 December at Nehru Centre, Mumbai to know more about AMOptoMet.


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