Indian Army troops to get 3D-printed bunkers that can withstand tank fire



The Military Engineering Services (MES) and start-ups, including those from IIT-Gandhinagar and IIT-Madras, have developed 3D printed structures for Indian Army of varying sizes and functionalities. The defense establishment has also underwent successful experiments to evaluate its durability against a T-90 firing from 100 meters.

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The MES plans to introduce the 3D permanent shelters in shifts, in forward sites, along the LAC and IB, from Ladakh, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh to the arid regions, starting next summer.

The most recent housing structures with cutting-edge amenities are not only being used to house jawans and bunkers but are also being used to build Air Traffic Control towers because the technology is green, clean, and renewable and enables quicker construction, which will ultimately be less expensive.

AM Tech 2022 will feature focused activities for the construction 3D printing, including 90 min knowledge session and dedicated experience zone, allowing attendees to update themselves about the current trends related to construction additive manufacturing. 

Engineer-in-Chief Lt Gen Harpal Singh officially opened the first 3D printed homes in March at South Western Air Command in Gandhinagar, replacing the traditional method of building dwellings out of brick and cement. The MES, which has an annual budget of 30,000 crore, is also attempting to construct a skyscraper with three stories.

Following the Galwan standoff in May 2020, the Army has also pushed habitat infrastructure in Eastern Ladakh, providing men with permanent climate-controlled shelters for comfort of life. For instance, despite it being – 20 degrees outside, the temperature inside of a house can stay at 20 degrees.

The habitat and technical storage can now have assets for 22,000 troops, whereas before 2020 the structures were not so troop friendly and even had a capacity for only 10,000 soldiers. In addition to finishing up ongoing projects, the focus has now switched to building permanent defenses and infrastructure to increase preparation in the current working season.

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