ASTM webinar on NDT for AM Parts

NDT for Additive Manufacturing Parts

The webinar, NDT for Additive Manufacturing Parts, will take place on October 19, 2021 at 10:00am ET. The following topics will be highlighted in this webinar:

  • AM defect complex origins 

  • Post built NDT (XCT limits & less-conventional methods) 

  • NDT Standards highlights 

  • In-process NDT 

  • Residual stress measurements via laser ultrasound 

ASTM Speaker - Dr. Ben Dutton

Dr. Ben Dutton

Technical Specialist at the MTC


Dr. Ben Dutton is a Technical Specialist at the MTC in the Metrology & NDT group with 17 years’ experience in NDT. He possesses a valuable combination of academic and industrial experience with proven expertise in integrating design and manufacturing functions. As a Technical Specialist at the MTC, he leads the ‘In-process monitoring/inspection strategy which includes leading projects where in-situ inspections are required for PBF, DED and laser welding. He is also very active in post build NDT inspection projects mainly for AM and leads the ‘Inspection for AM’ strategy at the MTC. He leads two international standards (ISO/ASTM) joint groups on NDT for AM. He has been involved in multiple projects in the following sectors: Aerospace, Space, Automotive, Transportation (Rail) and Medical. Project portfolio includes single client, MTC CRP (Core Research Program), UK government supported such as Innovate UK and European such as H2020. He leads the ASTM AM Center of Excellence team at the MTC. Finally, he is part of the scientific committee and leads the NDT symposium of the ASTM International Conference on Additive Manufacturing (ASTM ICAM 2020, 2021).

What You Will Learn:

After completing this webinar, the attendees will achieve the following: 

  • Be aware of AM defect formation complexity. 

  • Recognize capabilities and limitations of conventional/non-Post Built NDT methods. 

  • Be up to date with published and developing NDT standards. 

  • Be aware of in-process NDT inspection/monitoring methods with high capability. 

  • Be alert of novel methods to measure residual stress. 

Who Should Attend:

  • Manufacturing Engineers

  • Research Engineers

  • AM Process Engineers

  • AM Operators

  • Quality technicians

  • QA/QC Engineers

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