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Additive Academy is an initiative from the house of AM Chronicle and AMTECH Expo, which offers comprehensive training and education on all forms of additive manufacturing technologies from a technology-agnostic perspective.

Additive Academy

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To accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in industry by providing specialised course offerings that impart relevant, application-oriented knowledge and experience to individuals and organisations.


To create a premier training and education entity in the field of additive manufacturing by bringing together industry and academia in a focused, goal-oriented learning environment.


Additive manufacturing is a rapidly evolving field, and by fostering a culture of innovation, flexibility, collaboration and customisation, Additive Academy positions itself as a brand that is at the forefront of industry developments.

Our Offerings

Additive Academy offers a wide variety of programs, scheduled events and services catering to the needs of students and professionals. These are broadly classified as scheduled events, courses and programs, custom offerings, and additional services (proposed- future plan).

Challenges addressed

There is also a lack of awareness and understanding about the capabilities and potential applications of AM among industries and consumers. Additive Academy is working to address this problem by providing specialised, application-oriented knowledge and experience in the field of additive manufacturing to individuals and organisations, to accelerate the adoption of this technology in industry.

Shortage of skilled personnel
A lack of proper government support and time-tested regulations.
Insufficient access to advanced technology and materials
Inadequate infrastructure

The integration of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology in the Indian manufacturing sector is important for the nation’s economic growth and competitiveness in the global market. However, the current state of the AM industry in India is marked by several challenges:

Our Unique Value Propositions

360° Expertise

Courses and customised AM training with a focus on both polymer and metal.

Support on the full AM Process

Our expertise spans from material selection, and design to final inspection and regulatory requirements

Vendor and Technology Agnostic

Skill clients and help them identify the best technology for their needs

Trusted Candidate Selection/Training Partner

Our AM courses are comprehensive and evaluation standards are extremely rigorous.

Additive Academy

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